Artist Statement

1. This art is about The Void
1.1 The Void comes in various forms of representation
1.11 Simulacra is a characteristic of The Void
1.112 Simulacra is a copy of the original
1.1121 The proliferation of an object results in its dissolution
1.12 The art practice is object based
1.121 The art practice is reflexive in that it looks back upon itself as the subject
1.122 The art practice is nihilistic
1.13 Sculpture
1.131 Performance
1.132 Photographic
1.133 Painting
1.134 Video
1.14 There is no set hierarchy of the mediums because the art is both singular and a whole
1.2 These are photographs of non-representational forms
1.21 These are birthed from the amber-darkness, from nothingness
1.212 These present serenity in a reality saturated yet reflect reality distorted
1.213 These are indexes of meditations
1.22 The photographs are oriented vertically because of their reflexivity, they are not landscapes because they would displace the audience from
their own reality and leading to a transcendent experience.
1.3 The painting is an image
1.31 The brushstrokes are letters
1.4 The Real Image
1.41 The piece is a picture
1.411 The frame of the picture is the sweep
1.4112 The object of the picture is the sculpture
1.42 The sculpture is temporal because the piece is also a lens-based performance
1.421 The performance is projected upon itself via live feed video
1.4211 The sculpture is a recording
1.422 The subject of the performance is The Artist
1.4221 The Artist is temporary
1.4222 The proposition of the performance is The Art
1.42221 The Art is infinite
1.43 The Art is recursive
1.431 This piece is recursive
1.432 The piece is ephemeral
1.44 The piece is carried out in three phases
1.441 Phase 1: The object in picture is latent
1.442 Phase 2: The subject is in the picture; both subject and object are kinetic
1.443 Phase 3: There is a new object in the picture